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Mr. John Smith

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Ms. Aihong Li, Zhuhai Glory Friction Material Co., Ltd., CHINA

Mr. Kang Li, Zhuhai Glory Friction Material Co., Ltd., CHINA

Mr. Jianguo Zhang, Zhuhai Glory Friction Material Co., Ltd., CHINA

Mr. Jianghong Long, Zhuhai Glory Friction Material Co., Ltd., CHINA

Mr. Otto Schmitt, Zhuhai Glory Friction Material Co., Ltd., GERMANY

Low frequent system excitation (Creep Groan) is a complaint from customers for a long time. Former research shows that this issue is system-related, and it is also considered that the friction characteristic of the friction couple under the condition of low pressure and low sliding speed is the source of the low-frequency vibration.

A methodology is developing to study and qualifying the friction behaviour under the condition of extremely low sliding speed by use of scale dynamometer. This paper attempts to obtain the torque variation and measure the static and dynamic torque and analysis of its continuously conversion process and trying to find the cause of low frequency excitation (Creep Groan) in the aspect of friction materials.

As the first step, this paper introduces the consideration of the methodology development and the preliminary analysis of the test data. Also, in terms of a methodology, the repeatability is essential and analysed in chapter 3. Furthermore the paper describes the correlation between the stick-slip test and the vehicle slope test. The five quantify parameters used for represented stick-slip characteristic are highly negative correlated with the vehicle slope test results.

Preliminary Study on Developing a Methodology of Friction Behaviour under Extremely Low Sliding Speed

EB2020-STP-049 • Poster + Pitch • EuroBrake 2021 • POS


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