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Mr. John Smith

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Ing. Xabier Ugarte, TMD Performance GmbH, GERMANY

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Voigt, TMD Performance GmbH, GERMANY

Ing. Daniel Heiderich, HRW Hochschule Ruhr West, Institut Maschinenbau, GERMANY

As a race driver hits the pedal to trigger the braking event, a dynamic load transfer takes place in the car. This is a similar kind of weight transfer experienced on the road while stopping any vehicle abruptly. Modern race cars such as FIA-regulated Grand Touring Car classes GT3 and LMGTE produce a significant aerodynamic downforce at a reasonably high efficiency level. In this type of high downforce race cars, load variations originated by aerodynamics are added onto the mass transfer. The combination of these effects provide a braking effect with this type of cars a highly transient character. At the same time, our customers are facing the challenge of strict technical regulations, usually forbidding brake control systems. In motorsport competition, car performance is of primary priority to help our customers win championships. For the pursue of maximum performance, it is essential to make use all available load on each tyre in order to stop later, by optimizing braking efficiency and supporting the car rotate around the apex. In this analysis, the potentials of dedicated friction material developments with application-specific friction characteristics for brake torque migration are introduced, and the challenges and benefits inherent on this concept discussed. The study consists of a presentation of a simulative approach and a dynamometer testing method providing 4D characterization maps as base for this concept. The analysis is complemented by a case-study following this method, which led to the development of a new generation of digressive friction materials for race application.

Potential and Challenges for Application-specific Friction Characteristics of Race Brake Pads

EB2020-STP-069 • Paper + Video • EuroBrake 2021 • HPP


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