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With the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the automobile market has been emerging with the expansion of the sharing economy and the marketization of autonomous driving. Especially, the era of small quantity production (less than 30,000 cars per year) of various kinds is coming. This has also motivated the development of new body types in the field of car bodies. it is necessary to develop a body that reduces the number of parts to minimize the number of molds of Monocoque body. In order to cope with the needs of the market, we conducted a study on the Spaceframe BIW of the skateboard of the battery base of the electric vehicle. The Spaceframe BIW is made of a simple plate with aluminum extrusion floor considering fuel efficiency and weight based on the mass-produced car model ‘O’ vehicle monocoque. TOP HAT upper body is applied into this Spaceframe body based on high-strength tubular pipes. Compared to the existing body, the optimization result showed that the number of parts was reduced by 40% and the weight reduced by 19%. The stiffness performance was not sufficient compared to the previous body in the first initial stage but a result of optimization by using the basic principles of the car body, bending was equal and torsional rigidity was improved by 5%. The spaceframe concept is proved that it is suitable for small-quantity production. In front collision, the AL front side member had a low energy absorption rate due to insufficient compression compared to the monocoque, but was improved by adding beads. In the case of a side collision, the deformation of the B Pillar was improved by +20mm compared to the previous. As a result, the space frame concept body with the same level of performance of the monocoque body was developed.

Design and Crash performance comparision study of Monocoque and Spaceframe BIW

APAC-21-137 • Paper


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