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A Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) is a network of vehicle, roadside and central station services which share data that can be used to generate visual and audible warnings that may improve drivers' situational awareness. As part of the Ipswich Connected Vehicle Pilot ("the pilot"), Queensland's Department of Transport and Main Roads ("the department") deployed a large-scale C-ITS to assess its performance and potential benefits.The pilot included 355 participant vehicles, with retrofitted vehicle stations, 29 traffic-lights instrumented with roadside stations, and a central station service covering 300 square kilometres of the City of Ipswich. Over a 12-month period, participants drove approximately 2.7 million kilometres over 49,000 hours, and experienced 90,000 warnings related to red-lights, pedestrians at traffic-lights, roadworks, road hazards, and back-of-queues on motorways. Posted speeds – static, variable, school and roadworks speeds – were also displayed in the pilot area. This paper summarises system performance against the pilot specifications, using largely self-reported station data collected over the pilot period. The vehicle, roadside, and central station uptime was 99.6, 99.4, and 97.5 per cent, respectively. When in operation, the roadside station transmitted 99.9 per cent of expected messages. Similarly, the central station transmitted 99.5 per cent of the expected variable speed limit messages and 100 per cent of the estimated back-of-queue messages. The 95th percentile traffic-light and cellular message processing time was not achieved – in rare cases warnings may have been presented late to the driver. Several future projects have been identified to improve the processing time. The vehicle's positioning target for the traffic-light use cases was achieved (95 per cent within 1 metre of the centre of the lane), however, false alarms were still observed. Despite these observations, the participants rated the use cases positively, noting the expectation that the service would be improved in commercial deployment.

Department of Transport and Main Roads, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia: Miranda Blogg, Stuart Allen-Keeling, Luke Capelli, David Sulejic; Transmax, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia: Peter Chalmers

Ipswich Connected Vehicle Pilot - System Performance

APAC-21-151 • Paper


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