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Friction composites designed for brake linings have to fit several demands, i.e. acceptable values of the friction coefficient and its stability at higher temperatures, good resistance against wear, noiseless operation without vibrations during the braking, as well as they should be composed of environmentally friendly components. To meet these requirements friction composites are often composed of more than 10 components. There are several research papers dealing with the natural renewable materials as components in friction composites formulation e.g. sisal, jute and sugarcane fibers as well as powderized nut shells, e.g. coconut shells and palm kernel shells. Utilization of these natural renewable components in a formulation of friction composites seems to be the proper way towards the development of the eco-friendly friction composites. Due to the less thermal stability of the natural materials in general, their friction performance should be carefully considered. Three sets of the NAO non-metallic friction composites consisting of: i) jute fibers, ii) jute fibers and hazelnut shells, and iii) jute fibers and walnut shells were prepared. The frictionwear properties of the samples were tested using the CHASE test. Character of the friction layer after the CHASE test was studied using a combination of microscopic techniques and chemical analysis.

Matějka Vlastimil, Kukutschová Jana, Vaculík Miroslav; - Nanotechnology Center, VSB - Technical University Ostrava; Fu Zhezhen, Hui Wang, Lu Yafei; - The KeyLaboratory of Beijing City on Preparation and Processing of Novel Polymer Materials

Natural Renewable Materials As Components Of Friction Composites.

EB2013-FRM-014 • Paper • EuroBrake 2013 • Friction and Raw Materials (FRM)


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