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One design goal in brake development is the avoidance and minimization of Thermoelastic Instabilities (TEI) as they disrupt material and lead to judder. Thermoelastic Instabilities are characterized by the shape of the temperature field and can be categorized as "Hot Bands" and "Hot Spots". To achieve the aim of TEI prevention, the design process of a brake system requires fast computation strategies on TEI-sensitivity of a brake with variations of geometric and material parameters. Many models for TEI computation are available today, but many of them require long computational times, which narrow their applicability for multiple computations in systematic parameter studies. Highly efficient computations are possible if the numerical effort is minimized by the avoidance of a spatial discretization. The newly introduced three-dimensional model applies a set of basic solutions for the multi-field problem of interacting temperature field and elasticity. These basic solutions are applied to different parts of a brake system: Friction material, backplate, disk and cooling vanes. Boundary conditions, especially for local heat generation, can be fulfilled by individual scaling of the basic solutions. The tool allows an analysis of the TEIsusceptibility for a specific brake system within seconds, as numerics is limited to a root-finding algorithm. For illustration, an example with multiple parameter variation is discussed. It shows which parameters considerably impact Hot Band and Hot Spots and therefore offer optimization potential.

Graf, Matthias; Ostermeyer, Georg-Peter; -Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations, Technische Universität Braunschweig

Efficient Computation Of Hot Bands And Hot Spots

EB2013-TE-002 • Paper • EuroBrake 2013 • Thermal Effects (TE)


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