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In the course of various strategies of electrification of vehicles, the approach of independent in-wheel motors (IWMs) for 2WD or 4WD configurations is a very promising solution for different vehicle classes. Furthermore, there is a possibility of an overall integration into so-called active corner modules, where, in addition to electrical traction machines, parts of passive and active chassis systems are integrated into the wheel rim or close to the wheel on functional and design space level.

A crucial step towards vehicle use is the coordinated parallel development of adapted friction brake concept and electrical IWM, forming a basic configuration of active corner modules. The basic active corner module configuration can be used as a retrofit solution for established vehicle platforms as well as a basis for extensive new developments. An approach to solve the conflict of design space inside the wheel rim is the use of inside-out wheel brake constructions. These so-called perimeter friction brakes have already been combined with IWMs in first applications. The perimeter brake concept raises questions for developers about design space integration, but even more about which fundamental operational characteristics are to be expected when brake structure and connection are changed.

In the focus of this paper are properties of perimeter disc brake systems for use with IWMs during on-brake and off-brake periods, and especially investigation of scaling effects on these properties due to the principle of this brake. An adjustable experimental prototype of a perimeter brake has been developed and has been investigated on an adapted dynamometer. The aim is to provide concrete dimensioning instructions for functional components. These instructions can then be used for a modular toolkit to be used independently from target vehicles and applications.

Lukas Heidrich, Klaus Augsburg, Rico Albrecht, Christian Eisele, Peter Mäurer, Thorold Stibbe - Ilmenau University of Technology

Study Of Operational Behaviour And Design Of Perimeter Wheel Brakes For
Active Corner Modules

EB2015-BAS-002 • Paper • EuroBrake 2015 • BAS


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