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To apprehend the evolution of the tribological behaviour of braking materials, it is criticel to understand the answer of the brake disc materials in them environments especially in the littoral environment where humidity and salinity rate are very high; however the aim of the present work was to investigate the influence of humidity and corrosion in a high-salinity on the friction and wear behaviour of three brake disc materials. For that purpose a friction experimental model was carried out by means a commercially built disc-on-pin machine (SRV4, Optimal Instruments, Germany), using as disc brake materials: cast iron(typeFG25),chromium bearing steel(type 100Cr6)and an aluminium-based composite Al MMC (type A359/SiC). The pin in all tests was a commercial automotive resin-based brake pads material used in Fabia Skoda 1.4. The experimental results showed that friction coefficients and the wear rate for all materials were insensitive to increasing normal load and sliding speed. By increasing humidity it observed a formation of water films which behaved as a lubricant at the sliding interface and reduced the friction coefficient and the wear rate. The corrosion due to salt spray had a larger influence on the tribological behaviour of the cast iron and the chromium steel than it did. The Al MMC A359/SiC exhibited a better tribological behavior than the other brake disc materials used in this investigation under the given test conditions.

Mohammed Djafri, Mostefa Bouchetara - University of Sciences and the Technology of Oran; Christian Busch, Simon Weber - University of Applied Sciences Zwickau

Effects Of Humidity And Corrosion On The Tribological Behaviour Of The
Brake Disk Materials

EB2015-FMC-001 • Paper • EuroBrake 2015 • Friction Material Characterisation (FMC)


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