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Preventing brake squeal is one of the most important problems for designing the brake system. Elastic constants of the brake pad lining are thought to deeply affect occurrence of brake squeal. We think to acquire proper elastic constants of friction material is one of the best way to prevent brake squeal. On the other hand, the brake lining has anisotropic elastic constants. Therefore, it is quite difficult to measure elastic constants of the lining non-destructively. We suggested new method to measure elastic constants of the brake pad lining non-destructively at EUROBRAKE 2014. New method is to identify elastic constants form measured eigenfrequency of the brake pad using inverse analysis and Response Surface Method. We have pointed that constraining the friction surface of the pad is important to identify of friction material correctly. Therefore, we suggested the constraining way of the friction surface using ice. After that, we have continued to research to make this method practicable. We built the freezing machine to constrain the friction surface of the pad to the metal block. We also built the application of this new method with considering variation of elastic constants of friction material due to freezing the pad. After some trials of measurement, we have recognized effectiveness of this method and we are going to report fixed new method and measurement result at EUROBRAKE 2016.

Inoue, Masanori*;Hatori, Koichi Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.,5-4-71 Higashi, Hanyu City, Saitama 348-8508, Japan

Non-destructive Measurement for Anisotropic Elastic Parameters of Friction
Materials of Disk Brake Pads Using Inverse Analysis Part 2

EB2016-SVM-010 • Paper • EuroBrake 2016 • SVM


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