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Inertia dynamometer (hereinafter referred to as the bench) is comprehensive measurement and evaluation for performance of brake system in simulation brake assembly for vehicle, its test results and the actual use effect is better comparability, which is the most mature, the most reasonable, the most commonly used testing equipment for the automobile company chassis design, brake design and evaluation, brake lining. In this article, the influence factors of bench test results are analyzed and put forward the improving proposal.

With the development of automobile industry in china, the methods for friction material testing and R&D are also from sample test at the beginning stage to the braking inertia test simulating the brake assembly and vehicle (hereinafter referred to as the bench). Due to its test results and the actual use effect is better comparability, the bench is the most commonly used, the most mature, the most reasonable testing equipment for automotive chassis design, brake design and evaluation, brake lining performance test.

According to incomplete statistics, the quantity of the bench is from 10 to more than 200 today's in china. Due to the manufacturing level, control system and man-machine friendly interface, Chinese friction materials and brake company tended to purchase foreign bench, the reason is foreign equipment better repeatability and the results obtained are more comparable. In this paper, the influence factors of the test results of the same test conditions are analyzed and given the solution. According to its inertia type can be divided into mechanical inertia simulation bench and electric inertia simulation bench, according to its use is divided into passenger car bench and commercial vehicle bench, according to structural style is divided into single ended and double ended. According to different bench, its influence factors are not the same. There are many factors affecting the test results. This paper mainly discusses from three parts, one is the test environment, two is the equipment and fixture, three is the measurement system and software system.

Libing, Hou, China national non-metallic mineral products quality supervision inspection testing center, China

Analysis Influencing Factors of Test Results On Inertia Dynamometer

EB2016-SVM-018 • Paper • EuroBrake 2016 • SVM


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