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Despite the efforts of a number of related research and improvement, brake squeal noise is still one of the major field claims issue. The purpose of this study is to find a quick and efficient way in order to reduce the squeal noise through the change of the structure of the caliper housing and bracket of brake system. This study showed the effect of the squeal noise associated with the key design parameter of caliper housing and bracket shape changes. Select key design factors that are commonly applied in the design improvement activities and same design factors were carried out for squeal noise tests with the dimensional change of the caliper housings and brackets. Analyzed the increase or decrease of squeal noise due to design factors, it were confirmed as valid design parameters of the caliper housings and the brackets in sensitivity and improvement of squeal noise reduction. In addition, to analyze the correlativity of the squeal noise, the static surface pressures and wear amount of the pads were measured after squeal noise tests. Based on the results of these studies, it is expected to contribute fast improvement of squeal noise reduction in the vehicle developing stage.

Joo, Sang Don*, 1Park, Kyung Hwan, 1Jeong, Won Tae, Hyundai Mobis, Republic of Korea

A Study On The Effect of Squeal Noise According To Caliper Shape Differences

EB2016-SVM-019 • Paper • EuroBrake 2016 • SVM


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