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The automotive industry is currently facing multiple changes. This process can be traced back to modified requirements arising from various tendencies of development such as automated driving, connected vehicles or electromobility but also from political framework conditions. Changes are so extensive that they affect almost every aspect of automotive technologies, from the most complex level of mobility, to the least sophisticated level of components. The braking system as the vehicles’ central safety system is also affected by these disruptive changes. Future requirements are not clear yet. Which brake performance is required for a small fleet vehicle used solely in urban areas? What is the effect coming with the recuperation function of Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)? What are the control and redundancy concepts for high automated vehicles? How does a possible particle number limit influence the design and material of brakes? Those solely issues highlight the need for research and development in the field of future brake systems. An electromechanical drum brake (e-DB) is a concept that shows high potential to meet future requirements regarding the changes mentioned above. A lot of investigations have been done in the past in electromechanical brakes. Those activities have mainly been done for the disc brake. The development of an electromechanical drum brake comes with some challenges. New components need to be developed which replace the functions of conventional hydraulic actuation. Furthermore, the development of a control concept for the actuation of the brake is required. For a closed loop control the integration of a sensor is necessary. The development of an innovative sensor concept is one of the main tasks. In this paper, a possible design of an electromechanical Drum Brake will be described, the theoretical considerations of the senor and control concept will be depicted, and the first results of the prototype will be introduced.

Christian Vey, Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG, Germany Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG, Germany; Jens Hoffmann, Martin Semsch, Sébastien Pla

Brakes 2025 - Design of an Electromechnical Drum Brake

EB2019-IBC-022 • Paper • EuroBrake 2019 • Intelligent Braking Control (IBC)


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