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Numerical method procedures for brake squeal analysis are widely accepted in industry. Using simulations in an early design stage reduces time to market, saves costs, improves the physical behaviour of the brake system, and makes it possible to reduce physical prototypes. By reducing the number of prototypes, the importance of the simulation is constantly increasing. The simulation must cover the entire range of conditions of the component to guarantee a reliable function in every state. This requires varying as many parameters as possible over a wide range and checking all combinations to identify unfavourable combinations. It follows that the number of variants increases, and the run time of the simulation becomes more important. Built-in sampling is the key feature to organize the growing number of variants. Sampling is used to cover brake behaviour for variation of parameters in wide ranges. To provide a tool that is as general as possible, the limitations in the selection of parameters as they existed up to now must be overcome by new methods. So far, either methodological reasons or simply the run time have limited the selection of possible parameters. New developments make it possible to also select the parameters with influence on the results of the non-linear contact analysis. Mainly these are the brake pressure and the coefficient of friction. For performance reasons, the user is still able to select the appropriate scope of the analyses to be repeated for each parameter so that no unnecessary calculation parts are carried out. The sampling of brake pressure and friction coefficient is shown using an industry-oriented brake model. Both, the performance aspects, and the benefits of the results are shown and assessed.

INTES GmbH: Dr.-Ing Michael Klein

Parameter study by built-in high-performance sampling for simulation of brake squeal

EB2022-FBR-021 • Oral • EuroBrake 2022 • Simulation tools applied to high frequency NVH issues


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