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The automotive industry is undergoing a significant change mainly driven by the key drivers automation, electrification and environmental protection. The brake system is affected in many ways, with highly automated driving (HAD) being the driver with the biggest impact. Tasks that used to be performed by the driver are (partially) done by the brake system, depending on the degree of automation. Brake redundancy must be ensured in accordance with the state of the art Other requirements also need to be considered. Expectations for time to lock are steadily increasing (NCAP). Expectations towards NVH are increasing, driven by electric powertrains with less noise emission. Any new brake system needs to ensure a high level of recuperation efficiency. Further reduction of CO2 emission by zero drag brake systems. Reduction of fine dust emission. Cooperation with the electric power train, e.g. for traction control or stability control. Reduction of vehicle assembly effort. Variance within vehicle platforms requires optimal modularity of the brake system in order to achieve minimal cost. Current solutions (combination of ESC with electric boost as well as some 1-box concepts) already provide answers to these requirements. In this presentation, we want to discuss these requirements and reflect in particular HAD L3 and L4 aspects at today's solutions, with special emphasis on Bosch's two main product lines for brake systems, iBooster plus ESP® on the one hand and IPB on the other hand. We will give an outlook to future systems such as brake-by-wire and new brake topologies.

Robert Bosch: Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Gaedke, Dipl.-Ing Frank Ewerhart

Future Brake Systems: Requirements and Solutions

EB2022-IBC-001 • Oral • EuroBrake 2022 • Braking systems as part of the mobility agenda (part 1)


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