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The first approach towards a regulation of Brake Emissions by PMP (Particle Measurement Program) under the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) is ongoing – with a dedicated cycle, defined indicators to be measured and a procedure to be confirmed within a Round Robin end of 2021 (results / feedback will be available for the paper then). Next big steps shall then be the consideration of xEVs with their capability to recuperate (TF4) and thus reduce the use of the friction brake, which shall be included in the first draft of an upcoming legal regulation. This will subsequently increase the complexity of the measuring procedures as most likely a full vehicle simulation will be required including recuperation strategies. In the end all measures and vehicle systems that contribute to a reduction of Brake Emission shall be considered, which means a huge peak of development on this topic with a respective high demand on test bench capacity. Affected components will not only be software and functions, but also new brake system hardware like Electromechanical Brakes, that shall also reduce emissions by e.g., “true zero drag” or better controllability for brake blending. Adapted simulation will be introduced and optimized to enable respective measuring at the test rigs. As the availability of brake test rigs is limited the industry is requested to flexibly provide affordable testing solutions to cover this accumulation in testing. The test rigs themselves might evolve from inertia dynos to inertia simulation – increasing the degrees of freedom. After the actual focus on – also electrified – passenger cars and Light commercial vehicles up to 3,5 tons also trucks will be considered. The topic is quite new, activities are just ongoing and will influence development and legislation soon.

AVL List GmbH: Dipl.-Ing. Christof Danner

Next evolutions in the development of brake emission testing

EB2022-TSD-001 • Full • EuroBrake 2022 • Environmental impact of brake wear particulate emissions


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