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Two companies within the railway sector have found their counterpart to pursue the road towards technical and operational excellence. An operator with the will to invest in order to improve the punctuality and decrease the Life Cycle Costs of its existing fleet, and an industrial company with the need to validate on a train and certify its innovative solution. Within this context and thanks to a fruitful collaboration between the Le Mans (FR) based, Centre d’Ingénierie du Materiel of SNCF and Wabtec’s brake control center of competence in Piossaco (IT), the two companies engaged in testing the performance on a train and collecting the return of experience after deploying the Adaptive Wheel Slide Protection on the Regiolis fleet. The Adaptive wheel slide protection concept was presented in article EB2019-IBC-010: Adaptive Wheel Slide Protection Algorithms and was further investigated and evaluated in a laboratory environment in EB2021-STP-003: Benchmarking the Adaptive WSP. To conclude the Adaptive Wheel Slide Protection journey, this article will present: - The test results of the A-WSP on a Regiolis train, performed according to the EN15595:2011 and the EN15595:2018. These results originate from a report incorporating the outcome of a test campaign carried out in France with an accredited laboratory ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of measurement. - The return of experience of the A-WSP on a Regiolis fleet, by monitoring a number of trains over the most critical months of the year in terms of occurrence of low and extremely low adhesion conditions Both partners have been actively involved within the Shift2Rail program (PINTA, PINTA2, PIOVT2 projects) and will continue within ERJU (R2DATO) to work on the adhesion management topics.

Mr. Luc Imbert, R&D Engineer, Wabtec; Mr. Nicolas Chauvel, Brake System Manager, SNCF; Mr. Matteo Frea, R&D Manager, Wabtec; Mr. Sebastien Haret, Brake System Manager, SNCF

The adaptive wheel slide protection journey: from concept to operational service

EB2023-BSY-019 • Full • EuroBrake 2023 • Wheel-rail contact, wheel-slide protection, braking distance


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