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Emissions Analytics independently PEMS tests over 300 vehicles per year. Our database now contains over 2,000 vehicles since work began in 2011. We wish to share with the delegation what our independent data tells us about how the industry has progressed and where work remains in extremes such as cold-start, high speed, high acceleration testing. RDE and WLTP have gone some way to recovering lost confidence and trust in the car industry. However, real-world emissions is a broad term and outside the parameters of standard test cycles, risk remains for manufacturers. WLTP has gone some way to repair the damage of NEDC when compared to the effectiveness of US test cycles to manage real MPG and CO2. • Increasing number of sources of compliance risk: homologation, conformity of production and in-service surveillance under Real Driving Emissions • Together with reputational and policy risk: media, consumer and political perception • Not sufficient to hide behind flawed regulations (such as WLTP) • Need holistic view of pollutant emissions, carbon dioxide and fuel efficiency • Emissions Analytics runs a large independent test programme, covering hundreds of vehicles across three continents each year • Data is analysed an available in a unique database that is accessed by a governments, industry and others • EQUA Index helps manage these risks using the Emissions Analytics’ database of over 2000 vehicle PEMS tests, covering passenger cars, light commercial, heavy commercial and off-road • Calculating risk ratings, identifying weaknesses and benchmarking between vehicles. Historically, focus has been primarily about emissions compliance at original certification. Due to the combination of Dieselgate and the new in-service surveillance testing under Real Driving Emissions, the notion of emissions compliance risk is much broader, and strict compliance may still come with reputational risk. Emissions Analytics’ presentation sets out the challenges and potential solutions.

Mr. James Hobday, Emissions Analytics, UNITED KINGDOM

Managing Risk to Reputation and Emissions Compliance through Independent Testing

F2020-EPV-001 • Paper + Video • FISITA World Congress 2021 • EPV - Emissions and Pollutants Caused by Vehicles


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