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The new 3L diesel engine for passenger cars has been developed as the highly-performing and environment-friendly 3rd generation engine of Hyundai Motor Group. It is the newly-developed inline – 6 cylinders 3.0L diesel engine, and its performance for power, fuel efficiency, NVH, and responsiveness has been optimized for the first SUV of the GENESIS brand, GV80 - Project code: JX1. The future trend of powertrain is that although electrification and hybridization are continuously increasing, the internal combustion engine is still expected to play a role as a powertrain with sufficient production volume even in the future after 2030. This engine is equipped with an aluminum block, a common rail of pressure 2200 bar, a ball bearing turbocharger, a water-cooled intercooler, an LP(Low Pressure) & HP (High Pressure) EGR system, and has an LNT, a DPF , and an SCR as after-treatment devices. The combustion system of this engine was newly developed in common with HMG’s new diesel 2.0, 2.2, and 3.0L module engines. The combustion chamber has been improved in shape and spray compared to HMG’s previous V6 3L engine. And configuration of Injector nozzle, NTP, and valve timing have been optimized for the new combustion chamber. The turbo-charger has also been newly optimized for the power, fuel efficiency and responsiveness of the new engine. Accordingly, the responsiveness of the engine has been remarkably improved compared to the previous engine, and the power performance of the vehicle has also been improved very well. The performance of the intake manifold was also improved through several times with focus on air and EGR distribution, and also on cost, weight reduction, and robustness. The back pressure level of the exhaust system was developed in consideration of both power and NVH performance with focus on the GENESIS brand. In consideration of this, the engine's NVH showed better results than the engines of the previous HMG’s and competitors. Its maximum power advanced 7% more than the previous HMG’s engine, and it has also become a 3L diesel engine with the highest power, overtaking competitors. The engine's fuel efficiency is improved by about 6% over the previous HMG's engine. In addition, the results were 5-10% better than competitors' engines, and vehicle fuel efficiency was 13% superior to the previous HMG’s and 8-9% superior to competitors. Through this, it has secured the world's best fuel efficiency and power performance competitiveness. For the after-treatment devices, the EMS mapping development of the exhaust heating was efficiently progressed according to the state of the after-treatment devices, and the water-cooled intercooler and the complex EGR system were developed to operate properly including the extended RDE at low temperature. The SCR system showed a high NOx conversion efficiency of over 80% in regulatory modes such as WLTC and RDE STEP2. The new 3L diesel engine’s performance accords with the world-best-class fuel efficiency and high-performance for the world-premium brand GENESIS, satisfying with the latest environmental regulation EURO6d.

Dipl.-Ing. Jinseok Chang, Hyundai Motor Group, REPUBLIC OF KOREA Mr. Minjae Kim, Hyundai Motor Group, REPUBLIC OF KOREA Dr.-Ing. Dae Choi, Hyundai Motor Group, REPUBLIC OF KOREA Dipl.-Ing. Yongseok Kang, Hyundai Motor Group, REPUBLIC OF KOREA

Performance & Fuel Efficiency Development of the New In-Line 6 Cylinders 3L Diesel Engine System for the Genesis' 1st SUV

F2021-CAF-028 • Paper + Video • FISITA World Congress 2021 • CAF - Conventional and Alternative Fuels and Lubricants


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