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As the FISITA community continues to lead the rapid advancement of technology, it welcomed many of the world’s mobility systems leaders and strategists to the FISITA World Mobility Summit 2018, held in Shanghai, to consider the Summit theme of ‘Vehicle Connectivity’.

This Briefing Paper summarises the exploration and experience of technologists from various countries and regions of America, Europe, Japan and China in terms of vehicle connectivity from three aspects: strategy and policy, communication and standard, application and security. It then presents some consideration of forward solutions and suggestions for major issues in future development.

Table of Contents

Foreword 1

Executive Summary 2

1. Connectivity and Automation 4

  • How will Connectivity accelerate the development of Automation? 4

  • Vehicle resilience for connected and autonomous vehicles 6

2. Policies and Stratagies 8

  • EU (C-ITS) Initiatives and Standardisation for V2X in EU 8

  • Japan 9

  • Korea 11

  • China 12

3. Communication and Regulations 14

  • DSRC vs LTE-V2X: Fundamentals, V2X upper layer standards and Comparison 14

  • Spectrum 17

  • USA 17

  • Europe 18

  • China 18

  • 5G V2X 19

  • Communication Chip and Module 20

  • Security Standards 21

4. Applications and Commercialisation 22

  • In-vehicle Services and Backend Data Platform and Infrastructure 22

  • Connectivity needed for OTA Software Updates 23

  • Connectivity needed for Tele-Operation 24

5. Closing Remarks 26

  • V2X Landscape 26

  • Conclusion 27

6. Contributors and Acknowledgements 28

  • References 28

  • Contributors 29

  • Support 29

7. About FISITA 30

  • Vision 30

  • Mission 30

Paper published: September 2019. Non-member price: £130 (available from FISITA Store).

Free access for FISITA members after basic registration. Contact Kelly Williams for information about membership.

CAIST: Dr Ge Yuming; China ICV Institute: Lina Li; China SAE: Amelie Gong; Consultant: Chris Borroni-Bird; Consultant: Chris Borroni-Bird; FISITA: Chris Mason, Patrick Carpenter; GM China Science Lab: John Du; HORIBA-MIRA: Antony Martin, Dr Alastair Ruddle, Paul Wooderson; Jilin University: Prof. Mike Ma; Qualcomm: Jim Misener; Renault: Christine Tissot, Katrin Matthes, Remi Bastien; Robert Bosch GmbH – Connected Mobility Solutions: Nils Hoehne, Sven Kappel; Robert Bosch GmbH – Powertrain Solutions: Christian Stingl, Dr Matthias Klauda, Markus Schweiker, Michael Bauer, Stefan Spannhake; The Korean Transport Institute (KOTI): Young-Jun Moon; Toyota: Akihito Tanke, Takashi Imai; T-Systems: Oliver Bahns;

FISITA World Mobility Summit 2018 Briefing Paper: Vehicle Connectivity

FOP2019-09-01 • Paper • FISITA Output Paper


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