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The FISITA Intelligent Safety White paper is a snapshot in time, a consensus of “how we design intelligent safety” for features from L1 to L3 and L4. It is authored by safety experts within the FISITA membership community, who are responsible for the continuous improvement of safety, thanks to a never-ending appropriation of new technologies and harmonized by standards and regulations.

FISITA shares these views and deliver insights via this initial paper in order to create a 360° contribution and view from around the industry and its stakeholders.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Foreword 2

  • 2 Introduction to Intelligent Safety 4

  • 3 Overview of ‘Design, Test and Regulation’ for Automated Vehicles 6

  • 4 Safe Architecture Design for Automated Vehicles 8

  • 5 Safety Analysis, Test and Evaluation for Automated Driving 9

  • 6 Consumer Education 10

  • 7 Safe Function (Redundancy) 12

  • 8 Safety Layer 13

  • 9 Operational Design Domain 14

  • 10 Behavior in Traffic 15

  • 11 Driver’s Responsibilities 16

  • 12 Vehicle-Initiated Takeover 17

  • 13 Driver-Initiated Takeover 18

  • 14 Effects of Automation 19

  • 15 Safety Assessment 20

  • 16 Data Recording 22

  • 17 Security 23

  • 18 Passive Safety 24

  • 19 Conclusions 26

  • Glossary 28

  • References 32

Paper published: October 2020. Non-member price: £440 (available from FISITA Store).

Free access for FISITA members after basic registration. Contact Kelly Williams for information about membership.

BMW: Cathrine Loeber, Dr. Christina Kurpiers, Dr. Felix Fahrenkrog, Dr. Florian Raisch, Hansjoerg Entesperger, Jeremy Dillmann, Manuela Witt, Miriam Gruber, Paul Daman, Prof. Klaus Kompass, Simon Fürst; Faurecia & FISITA VP Technical: Christophe Aufrere; FISITA: Chris Mason; Jilin University & FISITA Technical Advisor: Prof. Mike Ma; Renault: Anne Guillaume, Christian Rousseau, Laurent Bouchard, Luc Bourgois, Marc Pajon, Olivier France, Pierre Gachon, Xavier Chalandon; Renault & FISITA President 2020-2023: Nadine Leclair.

FISITA Intelligent Safety 2020 White Paper

FOP2020-10-01 • Paper • FISITA Output Paper


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