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The FISITA International Connected Community is a vision of a connected future in which representatives from across multiple industries, education, and non-government and government organisations can seamlessly share knowledge, challenges, and solutions.

FISITA is bringing together its sub-communities and working with its members to create platforms to host this sharing and collaboration. These communities and activities include the FISITA International Engineering Community (FIEC), Your Future in Automotive (YFIA), the Database of Experts, the Database of Reviewers, Women in Engineering, the FISITA Members and more.

Many of these functions are currently on our legacy web platform. We will be migrating them over to the new platform and adding new functionality and better connectivity between groups and people as the migration evolves over the next few quarters. Please contact us if you are interested in participating and keep an eye on FISITA Spotlight for new developments.

Welcome to the FISITA International Connected Community
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