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Anne Guillaume is the leader of the commission Vehicles, Infrastructures and New

Technologies of the French National Road Safety Council. She was an Expert Leader in Health

and Road Safety for Renault Group and the leader of the road safety working goup of the

cluster Mov’eo. She has previously been the Director of the Laboratory of Accidentology,

Biomechanics and human behaviour (LAB – GIE PSA - Renault) during 10 years. Before she has

worked as a researcher in the aeronautical medical research institute of the French Air Force

(Professor of Physiology and Ergonomy) after medical studies.


Leader of the commission Vehicles, Infrastructures and New Technologies

French National Road Safety Council

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Dr. Anne Guillaume

FISITA Committees & Groups

Intelligent Safety Conference Technical Committee, Member

Intelligent Safety Working Group, Member

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16 July 2021

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16 July 2021

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