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Mr. Rothey is graduated in politics - Sciences Po Lille - European law - Durham University, UK - and business administration - Solvay Business School, Brussels -.


Mr. Rothey worked in the European Commission and as European affairs consultant before joining the Brussels representative office of SNCF towards the European union during 8 years.

In the Sustainability Department of SNCF, he has been in charge of COP21 in Paris, COP22 in Marrakech and COP23 in Bonn and dealt with the climate change adaptation of the French rail system.

He joined the innovation and digital department of Fret SNCF in 2018 to work on digitalisation, IoT (organisation of comparative static tests in 20019) and interoperability (S2R, UIC, TIS) as well on the European Research & Innovation programme for rail, SHIFT2RAIL.

Together with S2R, ALICE and MENLO79, he has been amongst the initiators of the Vienna workshop of February 2020 on the definition of client needs for rail innovation in Europe. He is involved in the preparation of the upcoming Europe's Rail JU.


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