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Tao Chen, Director of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, CEO of Intelligent Connected Technology of CAERI. He also serves as expert on the International Smart Transportation Committee and the China Intelligent Connected Automotive Regulations Committee. He is also a member of China Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Research Institute (CICV), and consulting expert of the Chongqing Economic Information Assessment. 

Tao earned a Ph. D in Mechanical Engineering from Tsinghua University. His main research focuses are electric vehicles and intelligent vehicles. Dr. Chen was responsible for the construction of the national Intelligent Vehicle Integrated System Test Area (i – VISTA), and providing technical support to Authorities on legislation of NEV and Intelligent vehicles. He also led 1 primary research project on national development of new energy vehicle, and 2 innovation programs on industrial co-critical technologies of Chongqing. Dr. Chen has published 7 research papers (3 on EI, 1 on SCI) and obtained 4 national patents.


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Dr. Chen Tao

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