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Dr. Christophe Bianchi is Chief Technologist at Ansys, the world leader in digital simulation software.

Christophe Bianchi graduated with a Master of Science and a Doctorate in electronics, as well as an MBA in economics and entrepreneurship from Imperial College. Christophe Bianchi combines technical and business acumen that has led him to hold multiple management positions within international software companies during his 35+ year-long career.

In 2012, he side-stepped into the healthcare industry to start Feeligreen, a company that develops patented technologies based on iontophoresis, capable of significantly improving treatment protocols in drug-delivery, cosmetics, and sports.

Christophe Bianchi joined Ansys in 2019 with the mission of strengthening Ansys' presence and pursuing its strategic development in the European market. To achieve this, he works closely with a team distributed across the continent and coordinates cross-functional projects.

Beyond his human, technical and business capabilities, Christophe is driven by the desire to unite the ecosystem of Ansys customers, partners and employees around common passions: technology and innovation.


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Dr. Christophe Bianchi

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