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Jean-Luc Maté graduated from the Polytechnic Engineering School of Grenoble in the subject of microelectronics and computer architecture, as well as receiving his MBBA from DUKE University.

He is considered as a European automotive electronics pioneer, thanks to his contribution to the buildup of the Renault Bendix Joint Venture in 1979 in Toulouse.

Jean-Luc has held many executive positions as VP R&D in powertrain, interior, chassis, ADAS, cockpit module, E/E vehicle architecture, ITS and Innovation for the western Europe area at Bendix electronics, Siemens VDO and Continental Automotive.

For 40 years Jean-Luc contributed to the creation of major European and worldwide initiatives that structure the automotive industry standards, such as: AUTOSAR , ERTRAC, ITS telematics and ITS 4 Climate & Eco driving.

Jean-Luc supports the continuous innovation in the development of clean, connected, autonomous vehicles and mobility services. He is the founder of the regional automotive and mobility cluster in Occitanie and the European Eureka cluster on Smart Electronic Systems EURIPIDES.

Today he is Administrator for the French Automotive Engineering Association (SIA) and oversees the engineering school partnership in the Occitanie region. He is also President of a consulting company promoting cooperation on innovative urban mobility services, electrical BEV & FCV eco system as well as ultra-light mobility for more efficient and affordable low CO² transport in the countryside.


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Jean-Luc Maté

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