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Prof. Jun Li is currently an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor at School of Vehicle and Mobility with Tsinghua University, president of the China Society of Automotive Engineers, director of the Expert Committee of China Industry Innovation Alliance for the Intelligent and Connected Vehicles. He has been chief engineer and director of technology center in China FAW Group. His research interests include internal combustion engine, electric drive systems, electric vehicles, and intelligent connected vehicles.

Research experience:

Prof. Jun Li has long presided over the product R&D and technological innovation for major automobile companies in China. He established a leading independent research system and completed a number of major product replacement projects, major national projects, and major equipment model development projects. In the field of automotive powertrain, he presided over the development of heavy-duty series diesel engines, series products of direct injection supercharged gasoline engines, heavy-duty equipped trucks, military vehicles, and HongQi luxury cars. 

He also presided over the R&D and mass produce of the diesel automated electronic control system products. Further, he invented dual-track electronically controlled variable fuel injection regular high-pressure systems and gas-driven urea injection system. For new energy vehicle, he invented a strong hybrid configuration with dual coupling of motor, engine, and gearbox, and presided over the development of the first full hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles as well as hybrid bus products. In the area of intelligent connected vehicles, he proposed a technology strategy, "Zhitu", and technical route for China FAW’s intelligent connected vehicles. In addition, he designed the HongQi L3 prototype vehicle and the forward-looking R&D of smart city intelligent automobiles.



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Dr. Jun Li

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