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Mr. Li Kaiguo, Born in 1962, researcher-level senior engineer, currently he is the Chairman of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd and Director of National Gas Vehicle Engineering Technology Research Center. He is one of the first batch of China SAE Fellows.

Since 1983, he has been engaged in the development of automotive chassis technology, measurement and control technology and test equipment, natural gas engines and its key components. He was responsible for the planning, design and construction of the automotive chassis laboratory, and carried out testing and evaluation of braking, steering and transmission systems as well as standard-setting. He has developed key components such as gas engine electronic control system, pressure reducer, electronic-control injector and has realized industrialization to meet the needs of China's vehicle and engine enterprises. He and his team has developed a series of test equipment for the braking system, transmission system, steering system which are widely promoted and applied in the industry.

He is also Vice President of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Vice Chairman of China Society of Automotive Engineers (China-SAE), Vice Chairman of China Auto Talents Society, member of National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization and Vice Chairman of Gas Vehicle Standardization Committee. He have received the Award of Outstanding Contributions to Automotive Industry in its 60 years’ History and he was elected as one of the first batch of China SAE Fellows.


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Mr. Li Kaiguo

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