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Professor Nengchao Lyu is the Young Top Talents, Wuhan University of Technology, China. He is the outstanding youth of Hubei Province, standing member of the Youth Science and Technology Workers Committee of the China Communications and Transportation of Association, chairman of the Safety Analysis and Improvement Technical Committee of the World Transportation Convention, committee member of ITS China. He focuses on scientific research and talent training in intelligent connected transportation, assisted and autonomous driving, road traffic safety evaluation, driving behavior research, etc. He presided over 4 National Natural Science Foundation of China, 5 provincial and ministerial projects; presided over more than 20 intelligent transportation related projects. Based on the research, more than 80 papers have been published, and more than 20 patents or software copyrights have been obtained. He has won 5 provincial and ministerial awards including the Hubei Province Technical Invention Award.



Wuhan University of Technology

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Prof. Nengchao Lyu

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16 July 2021

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16 July 2021

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