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Dr. Oihana Otaegui is the Director of Transport and Security Division in Vicomtech. She is a graduate of Automation and Industrial Electronics Engineering from the University of Navarre, where she earned her primary, masters and doctoral degrees.

Her professional career spans two decades, starting as a researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Erlangen where she was Lead Researcher at the Efficient Systems Department in FhG IIS focusing on Embedded Software Algorithms research. In 2007 she joined Vicomtech where she has been working in ITS and automotive sector.

Oihana has also acted as an invited expert by the EC in a number of occasions and she is member of the executive board of the CCAM partnership where she is the collider of the Cluster 5 Key Enabling Technologies. She is a founder and co-chair of the BDVA/DAIRIO Automotive Task Force.

She has been led researcher and project coordinator in over a dozen European Framework Programme projects in the field of ICT, GNSS, ADAS/AD and CCAM.

Director of Transport and Security Division


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Oihana Otaegui

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