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As the son of Herbert Wolfgang Link, who established the company in 1935, Roy began his career with LINK in 1970. In 1989, Roy was named CEO/President of LINK, and has since worked passionately to elevate the company from its humble roots to the global organization it is today. It has been through his leadership and tremendous dedication, as well as the skill and hard work of the LINK team, that the company has grown to be a global leader in specialty equipment and innovative testing solutions around the world.

For decades, Roy has been heavily involved in supporting local and worldwide engineering communities, as well as participating on and chairing boards of local businesses and industry associations. In addition to numerous accolades, Roy has been awarded the Engineering Society of Detroit’s Humanitarian Award, the organization’s highest engineering honor.

As Chairman and CEO, Roy has started to transition into a role that oversees LINK’s strategic direction, promoting the growth of the company into new and emerging markets.

Roy is a consummate leader, visionary, and entrepreneur, and he takes tremendous pride and enjoyment in the relationships he continues to build with his employees, customers, and partners.

United States

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. Co-owner

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Mr. Roy Link

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