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Shaowei Gu was born in March 1973 and graduated from Wuhan University of Science and Technology in 1994.He is the master of Iron and Steel Metallurgy and senior engineer, who currently serves as vice general manager of HBIS Group Sales Company.

After graduating from Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Shaowei Gu joined HBIS Group. He has worked successively in production and operation unit, technology center, quality inspection department and marketing department with a solid theoretical foundation, rich fieldwork and management experience. Especially with his own unique insights, he has attainments in the automobile sheet production and R&D field.

He has won the second prize of "China Metallurgical Science and Technology", the third prize of "Hebei Province Science and Technology", the first prize of "Hebei Province Quality Technology", the second prize of "Hebei Province Metallurgical Science and Technology" for 4 times, and the second prize of " Handan Science and Technology Progress". He is honored as the second-level candidate of "333 Talents Project of Hebei Province", Outstanding Contribution Person of China Association for Quality, Hebei SASAC Top Ten Outstanding Youth, Hebei Metallurgical Science and Technology Youth and other honorary titles.


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Mr. Shaowei Gu

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