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Yasuyuki Ueno retired as Vice President of TE Connectivity in 2021, the world leader in connectivity and sensor solutions and associated manufacturing technologies for the automotive industry.

Mr. Ueno also retired from the position President at Tyco Electronics Japan G.K., the firm’s Japanese operations. Since joining AMP in 1983, he has focused on the automotive market, and successfully taken on increasingly important sales and management responsibilities to reach his current position.

When Mr. Ueno started his career, Japan’s automotive industry had been facing the trade friction issues with the United States. Japan’s automotive manufacturers were encouraged to commence local car production as well as procurement of components within the U.S. The car manufacturer, of which he was assigned to be in charge, was not an exception.

Shifting production of Japan designed products to the U.S. was considered as an unrealistic action at that time. Changing the traditional thoughts, Mr. Ueno played an important role in making that happen. The local production of the ECU connectors became the foundation of TE’s automotive businesses in the U.S. and brought series of successes thereafter.

His keen knowledge of the Japanese and world automotive markets has contributed significantly to the Automotive Division’s growing success in the region. Notable achievement among his accomplishments is Tyco Electronics’ successful penetration into the Japanese multinational auto makers.


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Mr. Yasuyuki Ueno

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