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Mr. Tong Yifan holds a Master’s degree on Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. He joined China Automotive Engineering Research Institute in 2011 whose research area mainly focus on technology and strategy planning. As a main member, he participated in many projects funded by state and provincial government and published several technical papers. He also contributes to annual report on automotive industry development, which is also known as Bluebook series. 

He pursues promotion of automotive safety and security by participating research and development of testing and evaluating protocols of China Insurance Automotive Safety Index, which is also known as C-IASI. He is now acting as Deputy General Manager at CAERI Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. whose duty is primarily on research and development of automotive cybersecurity. He participated in four innovation projects funded by MIIT and lead the construction of CAERI’s automotive cybersecurity service platform and testing platform which has been continuously enabling the automotive cybersecurity for the industy.


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Mr. Yifan Tong

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16 July 2021

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