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In recent years, the improvement of air quality in Germany, but also worldwide, has increasingly moved into the public focus. Since the turn of the millennium, a significant aspect of improving air quality has been seen in the reduction of household emissions, for example, and in the adjustment of traffic-related emissions. Due to legal requirements, exhaust emissions have been significantly reduced as a result of technological innovations, whereby other emission sources have moved to the fore. In particular, non-exhaust emissions, such as tire abrasion, resuspension of fine dust and brake emissions are major sources of emissions that have a sustained impact on air quality. Air quality monitoring is carried out throughout Europe with high precision and very expensive measuring stations, which are distributed locally to individual locations in a city. Based on this data, measures such as driving bans or road closures are initiated.

Due to the high price, a comprehensive and locally high-resolution measurement in a city is not feasible, which means that individual events such as acceleration and braking cannot be detected. In this work, swarm measurements are performed in a controlled environment with the help of low-cost fine dust sensors in order to be able to conclude about individual traffic events. Thereby a temporal and local dynamic of the emitted particles, for example during braking, will be investigated. The aim is to measure the distribution of particles around a vehicle during a specific driving event. A differentiation of the particle concentration will be investigated for different measurement scenarios.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg-Peter Ostermeyer, TU Braunschweig, TU Braunschweig, GERMANY; Mr. Malte Sandgaard, Institute of Dynamic and Vibration, GERMANY; Mr. Guido Lehne-Wandrey, Institute of Dynamic and Vibration, GERMANY

Investigation of Particle Dynamics with Real Vehicles and Swarm Sensors

EB2021-EBS-006 • Paper • EuroBrake 2021 • BEM2


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