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Mr. John Smith

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Mr. Joachim Noack, ZF Passive Safety GmbH, GERMANY

Simulation capabilities for brake controls have been significantly developed over time in the last decades. Whereas at the beginning CAE tools (FEA, CFD) were the main contributor nowadays a development is impossible without system simulation (SiL, ECUiL, HiL, etc.). The accuracy level of finite element based approaches to evaluate and assess parameters like stiffness and stress is pretty high, on component level the industry achieved a high degree of maturity. This counts as well for CFD and electromagnetic approaches. The limitation nowadays is the coupling of these 3D simulation disciplines to simulate the physical interaction in a realistic way. The technical limitation is about tools and existing methodologies, also computational power as coupled (multi-physics) analyses requiring an awful amount of calculation power. For system related simulations the industry experienced a big boost in the last year for several reasons. Number of functions for control products have been increased dramatically as well the complexity of requirements and vehicle variation. The industry can manage these requirements only with simulation approaches on system (vehicle) level. There are many examples, where the development task already moved from the vehicle to a simulator, but even with advanced models, consequent developed technologies and increased compute power not all requirements can be simulated on a level, that vehicle tests can be completely skipped.

This presentation is about limits of virtual development from component to system, the assessment of industrial standards and the outlook for future required technologies and the need for further increase virtual development.

Current Limits of Virtual Development for Brake Controls

EB2020-IBC-016 • Video + Slides • EuroBrake 2021 • BCN


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