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In 2020 approximately 12 million vehicles will be produced with either full electric propulsion or a hybrid drive-train requiring regenerative braking for enlarged autonomy. Already today the first vehicles with partly automated highway driving are introduced in the markets with an expected rollout of increased performance levels and new automated-driving and -safety functions. Further enhancements of road safety is targeted by EuroNCAP as well as initiatives e.g. in NA and Japan. Future EuroNCAP rating will require surround sensing technologies like radar and / or video to be installed in each vehicle as a precondition to achieve a 5 star safety ranking.

This will lead to a democratization of surround sensing based safety functions requesting enhanced performance levels of future brake systems in respect to brake dynamics and brake boost, NVH, load on the power supply and performance in case of failures. Since most of the vehicles with such new functions share the same platform with more or less standard vehicles, the aspect of scalability and modularity plays a major role in selecting the respective brake system architectures and product designs.

The paper will present in detail the changes on brake systems triggered by the evolution of requirements. The focus is on the upcoming modifications of technologies and product concepts for brake-actuation and -modulation systems. The paper will present new developments covering the upcoming years until 2020 and beyond.

Dr. Edwin Liebemann*, Stephan Stass, Karl-Heinz Willmann, Dr. Frank Ewerhardt - Robert Bosch GmbH

Intelligent Brake Systems for Automated Driving and Regenerative Braking

EB2014-BA-006 • Paper • EuroBrake 2014 • Brake Actuators (BA)


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