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It’s getting more and more interesting to be able to track and verify what type of fuel a vehicle is running on, and especially how sustainable it is. Transporters need to follow up on their decarbonization targets, EU, nations and national authorities and cities need to make sure that different types of sustainable transport legislation and incentives are followed, etc. To address this challenge Neste and Scania are piloting a digital solution that enables easy follow-up and verification of each truck's usage of renewable fuels. Combining data from Scania Fleet Management Portal enriched with Neste's fuel emission data, the solution provides Scania’s customers with accurate, up-to-date data for their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reporting and sustainability communications. Customers can compare the climate impact of their use of Neste’s renewable fuels to fossil fuels and track their continuous progress towards climate targets. Neste and Scania are testing the digital solution with the logistic companies HAVI and UFF. The solution combines data regarding where a certain truck has been refueled and how much it has driven, with data about the climate impact as a result of the use of Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ instead of fossil fuel. Until now, it has been a challenge to verify to what extent trucks really run on renewable fuels, as the very same trucks could also continue to run on fossil fuels. The digital solution now being tested solves this issue. Neste’s and Scania’s joint ambition is that the solution could in the future serve all fleet manufacturers and all types of renewable fuels. The purpose of our unique collaboration is to demonstrate, together with a fleet manufacturer, a renewable fuel producer and a transport company, how to verify the use of renewable fuels and accurately report the climate impact. The climate data now flows digitally through the systems, whereas before, it was mostly collected manually from different sources. Encouraged by the successful pilot in Finland, we are now looking into expanding the solution to the new markets. Neste, Scania and our piloting customers, HAVI and UFF, in this pioneering way have shown how climate data can create additional value and push the logistics industry towards lower emissions. Collaboration in the whole industry value chain is important when new solutions are developed, and this pilot is a good example of a customer-centric solution that paves the way for the whole industry to combat climate change and move towards the Paris goals.

Mr. Mats Hultman, Head of OEM Partnerships, Neste

Connected filling - a digital solution to make renewable fuels use easier to track

FWC2023-SEL-007 • FISITA World Congress 2023 • Sustainability, circular economy & LCA


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