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FISITA Local Knowledge & Best Practice Presentations

Each year, the FISITA Society Committee hosts ‘Local Knowledge & Best Practice’. This annual programme brings together representatives from FISITA’s Corporate Membership with Society and Affiliate Members, to share knowledge & best practice on common topics of interest.

In September 2020, the agenda included:

Local Knowledge Presentations

  • Faurecia, the Industry and Society connection – Christophe Aufrère, CTO, Faurecia

  • Bringing Academia and Industry together to support the next Generation – Ouafae El Ganaoui-Mourlan – IFP School

Best Practice Panel Discussion

Exploring the challenges and potential solutions faced by Society & Affiliate Members following Covid-19:

  • ‘We have all seen an increase in virtual working – How has this impacted on your society? Have opportunities to collaborate with others improved or got worse?’ – Yves Arbeille, VP International, SIA

  • ‘As the landscape of the mobility industry changes are you finding yourselves in competition with other larger associations (e.g. IEEE or ACM)? How do you compete for members?’ – Murli Iyer, Executive Global Advisor- SAE International

  • ‘Impact on membership recruitment & retention – How are you continuing to deliver value and What are you doing differently to encourage members to continue to support you?’ – Masashi Yukawa, JSAE

  • ‘Impact on staff and volunteers – Have your staff been impacted? How? – Are you planning to increase volunteers to support you through this period and if so how?’ – Harry Watson, SAE-A

Best Practice Presentation – ISTVS

  • ‘Mobility simulation and test – (Terrain mobility)’ – Prof Corina Sandu, ISTVS 1st President, Virginia Tech, USA

  • ‘Mobile Outdoor Robotics’ – Ramón Gonzalez, founder and CEO of Robonity, ISTVS

The Best Practice Presentations – ISTVS were shared publicly at the time of the event in the Spotlight on the 7 October 2020.

In planning future online conferences, requests have been made to make Christophe Aufrère’s presentation more freely available. His presentation explored the mutually beneficial pre-competitive relationships between industry and society and the ever-evolving technical landscape, future technical solutions, and roadmaps.

The next FISITA Online Conference – From Academia to Industry: Assessing Global Technology Trends will be held on 10 March 2020,12:00 – 13:30 GMT.

The conference will host representatives from the FISITA Community, including representatives from Industry, Education and Society, in a strategic level panel discussion, introducing the five global trends in technology:

  • Energy/Electrification

  • Data Management

  • Human/Bio

  • Physical/Materials

  • Environment

Registration for this event will open shortly.

Content from previous FISITA Online Conferences can be found here


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