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FISITA Member Forum Output Paper Bundle
  • FISITA Member Forum Output Paper Bundle

FISITA Member Forum Output Paper Bundle

VAT Included

For a limited period only (until the end of January 2022) FISITA is providing the opportunity to access a bundle of three Output Papers for the usual purchase price of a single paper (£260).

This is the ideal package for you to fully review the output from our member gatherings over the past year and get up to speed with all of the latest issues and discussions that have taken place, putting you in the best position to engage and contribute as we move into the new year. Please contact FISITA if you are interested in hosting or contributing to an upcoming Forum event.


Included in the package:

  • Smart Cities, Smart Mobility - Member Forum hosted by Renault Q4-20
  • Smart Energy - Member Forum hosted by Bosch Q1-21
  • Smart Connectivity - Member Forum hosted by Applus IDADA Q3-21


Smart Cities, Smart Mobility


This Output Paper presents the highlights of the Groupe Renault-hosted FISITA Member Forum on smart cities and smart mobility.

Defining a smart city requires consideration of different concepts for the city, including space, city planning, and the needs and expectations of its citizens.


Smart mobility generally involves the use of technology to enable transport that is faster, cleaner, and more efficient than existing solutions, sometimes using new and shared micromobility offerings such as electric scooters and bicycles, with app-based payment.


At the heart of both smart concepts lies a combination of factors which, if carefully coordinated, will increase energy efficiency, minimise consumption, waste and overall cost, reduce congestion and travel time, cut emissions and pollution, and benefit commercial stakeholders and the wider community.

Smart Energy


Over the last 150 years of powered mobility, the question of which energy will move us tomorrow has never been more open than now. The key driver for CO2 neutral mobility has opened a broad variety of options, including electricity, hydrogen, and synthetic fuels. In assessing these options, we need to consider several factors, including regional energy production (such as nuclear, solar, wind, and fossil fuel), the profile of mobility (for example, owned versus shared mobility, urban versus rural environment), as well as sustainability, and the ethical profiles of the supply chain and production network.


This Output Paper brings together a few perspectives on the topic, including insight from the speakers and invited experts at the event, which together create an overall picture of “Smart Energy.” The case studies and insight show both the complexity of the matter and the unique opportunities emerging for technology and business in this exciting and defining period for the mobility of tomorrow.


Smart Connectivity


Connectivity is changing rapidly with the roll-out of 5G cellular systems as well as increasing numbers of connected vehicles on the roads. The addition of smart processing allows the promise of a data revolution enabling a wide variety of new applications in future automotive eco-systems.


This Output Paper distils the presentations and subsequent discussions on the future of smart connectivity into key points covering aspects of connectivity infrastructure; assessing and optimising the smart edge processing; the design and testing of connectivity systems; and how we can assure the safe, secure, and reliable end-to-end performance that end-users demand.



FISITA, as the global platform for engineering societies, industry and academia provides a unique forum for members and partners to collaborate and publish valuable technical content for the community. Previous content bundles include the FISITA World Mobility Summit Output Series plus the Mobility Engineer White Paper Series. A significant amount of technical content is also free to members within the FISITA Digital Library, or available to buy for non-members.


To find out more about upcoming collaborations and consider joining FISITA to contribute to future publications please visit

This item is available to our members free of charge, via the Library search.

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