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FISITA Japanese Mapping Cluster Paper 1 (English)
  • FISITA Japanese Mapping Cluster Paper 1 (English)

FISITA Japanese Mapping Cluster Paper 1 (English)

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The FISITA Mapping Technology Cluster issues its first paper on ‘Optimizing Traffic Flows in Smart Cities’, in English and Japanese version.


For the first time in FISITA’s history we are very pleased to offer technical content to our membership community in different languages!


This Paper includes some fascinating insights into the challenges and opportunities around optimizing traffic flow in Smart Cities and the role that maps play, from a group of technologists comprising vehicle manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers, participating in the FISITA Mapping Technology Cluster in Japan.


This Paper summarises the results of the discussion which looked at the following:

  • Picture of traffic flow controls in Smart Cities

  • Technical requirements for achievement

  • Long-term issues and directions


Contributors: Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd., AISIN Corporation (AISIN AW Corporation until March 31, 2021), DENSO Corporation, Toshiba Group, Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation, Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, Zenrin Co., Ltd.




The FISITA Industry Committee, consisting of senior representatives from the FISITA Corporate Membership, have identified key technology areas (see right for some of these areas) in which knowledge sharing and discussion can help highlight and potentially accelerate the adoption of new solutions by the mainstream automotive industry.


FISITA is creating dedicated Technology Clusters around each of these areas that determine their own scope, meeting cadence and target deliverables. Last year, the Mapping Technology Cluster was created in Japan, and the group have been working together, under the leadership of Toyota and Zenrin to produce this technical knowledge share, for the benefit of the international connected community of FISITA.

  • Autonomous Hardware and Software

  • Battery

  • Connectivity and 5G

  • Energy Infrastructure

  • Road Infrastructure

  • Insurance

  • Integration with Cities

  • Mapping

  • Model Based Development

  • Security and Risk

  • Shared Mobility

This item is available to our members free of charge, via the Library search.

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