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Workplace Evolution: FISITA World Mobility Summit 2021 Output Paper
  • Workplace Evolution: FISITA World Mobility Summit 2021 Output Paper

Workplace Evolution: FISITA World Mobility Summit 2021 Output Paper

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Evolution, not revolution. The workplace is changing. 


In response to the Covid-19 stay-at-home orders that came into force in 2020, FISITA member leaders around the world quickly developed strategies to accommodate remote working and virtual engineering. 


Established working practices which had evolved over decades were challenged and changed as reactive measures sustained business operations around the world. As time progressed, many of these near-term measures evolved into clear, longer-term efficiencies. New methods and pathways were created and embedded within the workplace, and for those in automotive engineering, this meant everything from research and design to product development and testing.


The 2021 FISITA World Mobility Summit explored how the business community has changed, and how it is likely to evolve, as well as the challenges and opportunities within the workplace, how automotive engineers will be motivated, and what are likely to be the most significant impacts on the long-term change in human behaviour.


This report highlights the key points raised in the Summit, and explores the current and future demands on the business for those involved in developing and delivering the technology of mobility. The report focuses on how our industry and others are adapting and preparing not only for the near-term, but also for a future in which sustaining efficiency in a rapidly changing operational and cultural environment will be high on the priority agenda for all.



Dassault Systemes: Laurence Montanari;  General Motors: Mike Anderson, Laura Jones; NXP Semiconductors: Leland Key; Faurecia: Christophe Aufrere; Korn Ferry: Lisa Finkelstein, Jaime Maxwell-Grant; Qualcomm: Ruud Van De Wiel; FISITA: Nadine Leclair; Robert Bosch: Padmaja Achantarama; Microsoft: Heiko Huettel

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