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To apply for this position please contact FISITA Chief Engagement Officer, Julie Geraud, via explaining why and include your current salary and your CV.

Job Summary

Develop and deliver a progressive PR, communications (internal and external) and media strategy with downstream objective-based plans which promote the work of FISITA to members and other targeted stakeholders, positioning FISITA positively as a leading membership organisation and its members as the creators of ‘the technology of mobility’.

Sustain and grow FISITA’s relevance and visibility through high tempo messaging and positioning of FISITA and its members, delivering a tactical mix of traditional communications, social media and web-based content, informational delivery, outreach and PR activities.

Key Responsibilities

Develop and execute comprehensive communications and PR strategies aligned with company goals, from vision, activation and successful deployment of activities aligned with the annual business and development plans of FISITA.

Create, manage, progress and coordinate a variety of engaging and progressive areas of content, aligned with core activities, through tactical and strategic use of all channels available.

Enhance brand visibility through favourable, evolving and relevant media presence with partners which are highly relevant to the membership community of FISITA.

Develop and maintain key messages for internal projects and media engagements.

Create, develop and sustain appropriate and progressive working relationships with all FISITA colleagues, external service providers, stakeholders, media, partners and members.

Establish an agile working group of international communications experts from within the FISITA membership community, lead and plan for the continuous development and relevance of the newly forming FISITA Communications Committee.

Collaborate with external agencies and partners, developing beneficial relationships which directly support the successful delivery of projects and initiatives.

Support the Chief Engagement Officer and colleagues with specific marketing activities aligned with business plan objectives, as required in planning, delivery and review stages.

Handle media inquiries, schedule interviews, and provide coaching for spokespersons.

Stay abreast of industry news and enable knowledge to inform strategic decisions for the FISITA organisation.

Proofread and finalise internal and external communications materials.

Support internal communications initiatives and manage change management processes.

Implement crisis communication plans when necessary.

Evaluate and report on the effectiveness of communications campaigns.

Manage communications and PR budgets and resources.

Personal Specification
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in the area of technology, preferably automotive/mobility based, or able to demonstrate transferable communications skills

  • Experience in developing and delivering high-quality and influential communications and PR project work, including events-based activities, from inception to completion

  • Excellent interpersonal and influencing skills including experience in providing direct support to members and senior leaders in delivering organisational objectives

  • Proactive, self-motivated and self-policing team player. The ability to accept responsibility for own area of work, identifying critical elements and working in a ‘solution mode’ to achieve results

  • Positive and flexible attitude to work, demonstrating team values and leadership qualities, particularly in added value development and new initiative creation, delivering tangible results

  • Exceptional organisational and project management skills, with accuracy and attention to detail

  • Proven track record co-working across an organisation, willingness to contribute with a strong team ethic

  • Experience working with/within the membership organisation environment and/or large community networks

  • Willingness to undertake international travel in order to deliver responsibility of the role

Chief Engagement Officer
Reports to
35 hours per week
25 days per annum (commencing)
Closing Date
31 Mar 2024

PR and Communications Manager

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