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Michelin, world leader in mobility, is dedicated to enhancing mobility in a sustainable way, designing and distributing the most suitable tires, services and solutions to address its customer’s needs. Michelin offers services that improve transportation performance and solutions that enable customers to enjoy outstanding experiences while on the road. In addition to supporting mobility, Michelin serves future-facing markets with its unrivaled capabilities and expertise in high-tech materials.

Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin is present in 177 countries, has 124,760 employees and operates 68 tire production facilities which together produced around 173 million tires in 2021.

Michelin is innovating and committing itself more than ever to a life in motion. Offering everyone a better way forward is the backbone of Michelin’s purpose. And that means innovation, a key pillar of our strategy. Innovation to differentiate our products and services from the competition and innovation to consolidate the Group’s technological leadership.

The major upheavals the world is facing have strengthened the validity of Michelin’s “All Sustainable” business model. A model which is based on three inseparable criteria: the growth and development of people, financial and operational performance, and the positive contribution of the Group’s activities to the planet and its inhabitants.

Our shared dream is to be recognized as a leader in innovation that has helped humanity conquer new frontiers.

For mobility to have a future, we believe that it has to be increasingly safe, accessible, efficient and eco-friendly. Those four goals drive our innovation on products and services.
For 130 years, Michelin has been innovating to facilitate mobility by offering tires and services that meet the real needs of its customers

With a 2020 budget of around €646 million, 6000 employees and 10,700 active patent portfolio worldwide, Michelin is an undisputed leader in R&D.




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16 July 2021


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Michelin: Philippe Jacquin


Mobility is at the heart of human development and is a fundamental right to which every human being is entitled. As the world is developing and world population is growing, the need for mobility is increasing, with significant and irreversible consequences on the environment.

Providing more mobility with less impact on climate, biodiversity, health, and safety is the major challenge all companies of the mobility industry have to face. 

As a company with a long-standing commitment to sustainable mobility, Michelin must be a leader in facing this challenge and sees this shift as an opportunity to value our technological leadership and innovation capacity.

We set ambitious objectives on the reduction of the environmental impact of our activities, from design to production, logistics, usage and end of life.

At the heart of this approach, is the deployment of Eco design, to develop better, safer products with less material, using less fuel, providing more kilometers.

LCA is becoming our compass and the driver of our decisions. This presentation will focus on the method we used to deploy the approach, the maturity of eco design and how we manage this change within the company.

FISITA World Mobility Summit 2022



Life Cycle Assessment at the heart of Michelin sustainable approach, WMS2022-01, FISITA World Mobility Summit 2022

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