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Ing. Juan Jose Bustos, GrindoSonic, BELGIUM

Dr.-Ing. Alex Van den Bossche, GrindoSonic, BELGIUM

Vehicles today may bear little resemblance to their predecessors but one element remains largely unchanged: the disk brake is still the most commonly used braking system for automotive vehicles.

Brake pad production is big business and competition has driven the development of new types of friction materials – materials whose

properties need careful characterization and this is where

impulse excitation comes in.

Analysis of the resonant frequencies following impulse

excitation is a well-established quality assurance tool for

brake pads. It even has its own standard: SAE J2598.

The push to develop more environmentally and biologically friendly brake-pad materials has led to the introduction of new friction materials.

Some of these materials may however be more prone to cracking either in the production process or during use, thus a simple method is needed to identify cracks in brake pads.

EuroBrake 2021





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Juan Jose Bustos is a Mechanical Engineer at Grindosonic responsible for business development. Juan Jose studied engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin and did a MSc at the Catholic University of Leuven with a focus on Automotive. He started his career designing a suspension system for a 4WD formula styled vehicle. He followed his career path at Materialise, developing a controller for AM machines and now works at Grindosonic in business development to ensure great collaborations to enhance industrial quality.


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Ing. Juan Jose Bustos

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