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Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Gramstat, AUDI AG, GERMANY

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Heimann, AUDI AG, GERMANY

Mr. Christopher Hantschke, AUDI AG, GERMANY

Mr. Paul Linhoff, Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG, GERMANY

Mr. Sebastian Müller, Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG, GERMANY

Mr. Oliver Biewendt, Volkswagen AG, GERMANY

Mr. Michael Lingg, Volkswagen AG, GERMANY

Electric mobility is becoming more and more popular and leads to a significant increase of development efforts for next generations of battery electric vehicles (BEV). While the first development approaches represented just a solution transfer from vehicles with integrated combustion engines (ICE) to BEV, more sophisticated methods are expected to be considered in the future.

Within the European-funded project ACHILES, such a new approach is used to optimize amongst others the wheel brake for BEVs.

In a first step, the general requirements for vehicle dynamics are elaborated, what also includes the definition of use cases. As an output, requirements and limitations of electric powertrains are given. It means in detail the consideration of the battery pack, the electric motor plus inverter and also the electric energy supply.

Those analyses allow as a next step to derive the requirements for the brake system. Since the brake represents a safety-relevant component, vehicle safety requirements are investigated additionally.

Finally, it is discussed which requirements for the electric / electronic (E/E) components exist and how the brake system and the powertrain can be implemented into the E/E architecture.

EuroBrake 2021





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Mr. Sebastian Müller

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