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University of Shiga Prefecture

University of Shiga Prefecture




The University of Shiga Prefecture was established in 1995HIROKAWA  with the theme of "Rooted in the region, studying the region, contributing to the region" and the motto, "Our campus is Lake Biwa and our text is Humanity." The campus is located on the eastern shore of Lake Biwa, in Hikone City, making a perfect fit into a magnificent landscape with the background of Mt. Ibuki to the north, the Suzuka mountains to the east, and the Hira mountains across the lake to the west. Surrounded by beautiful nature, the campus is traversed by moats and streams whose waters connect with Lake Biwa. Inside the main circular moat are the school symbol "Pencil Tower," the library, a cafeteria, lecture rooms, and administration offices. Outside the moat are the four main schools of the university (with thirteen departments) and four graduate schools (with nine divisions).

About 2,800 undergraduates study general education courses along with school and department specific courses. The common idea for all studies is "To learn how to live in nature with harmony." Students can learn not only on campus, but also from Lake Biwa and the region around it, which is traditionally known as "Ohmi." To study and experience the Ohmi region, USP instituted "Ohmi Gakushi" (Ohmi Bachelor) as an undergraduate course in the Department of Regional Studies and "Ohmi Kanjin" (Ohmi sub-major) as a graduate course in the Division of Regional Studies. Students learn basic knowledge of cultural activities in Ohmi Gakushi and participate in practical aspects in Ohmi Kanjin. In an extracurricular activity called "Ohmi Rakuza," approximately 400 to 500 students every year volunteer to work in regional communities to resolve local problems.




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