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Weichai Power

Weichai Power


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Founded in 1946, Weichai has over 100,000 employees worldwide. With the annual revenue of more than 300 billion RMB in 2021, Weichai ranks the 77th among China’s top 500 enterprises, the 23th among China’s top 500 manufacturing enterprises, and the 1st among China’s machinery industry top 100 enterprises.

Weichai is a multi-field and multi-industry international group which owns powertrain, commercial vehicle, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, intelligent logistics, marine mobility and other business segments. The subsidiaries of Weichai Group are located in Europe, North America, Asia, and other regions, and its products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions. 

Weichai Group has 10 stocks from 8 listing companies: Weichai Power (2338.HK; 000338.SZ), Weichai Heavy Machiner(000880.SZ, Asiastar Bus(600213.SH), KION Group (KGX.F) and Ferretti(9638.HK).

Weichai adheres to the international development strategy and has created a synergistic industrial layout around the world. In 2004, after being listed in the Hong Kong stock market, Weichai Power became the first internal combustion engine company listed in Hong Kong stock market, which marked Weichai stepping onto the road of capital internationalization. 

In 2005, Weichai Power purchased Torch Group and built a golden industry chain for heavy trucks (Weichai engine + Fast transmission + Hande axle + Shacman heavy truck). Afterwards, through stock-for-stock with Torch Group, Weichai returned to mainland stock market from Hong Kong, which created a “Weichai model” in capital market. Since 2009, Weichai has successively acquired Baudouin, a French engine company with a history of 100 years; strategically reorganized Ferretti Group, a luxury Italy yacht manufacturer; and strategically cooperated with KION Group, a German industrial forklift and service provider; acquired Linde Hydraulics and realized localization; supported KION Group to acquire Dematic, an automatic logistics provider; strategically invested in PSI, an alternative fuel power system provider, Ceres Power Holdings Co., Ltd. in U.K., a solid oxide fuel cell supplier, and Ballard Power Systems Co., Ltd. IN Canada, a hydrogen fuel cell supplier, Strategically reorganized of German ODS, Austria VDS, and Fischer (Switzerland) Fuel Cell & Air compressor Company to realize global business presence and balanced development. 

Weichai has established production bases in India and other places to realize localized manufacturing. In January 2021, Weichai strategically reorganized Lovol Heavy Industry to accelerate the mechanization and intelligence of China's agriculture industry, and lead China's agricultural equipment to the high-end.

Weichai takes “Green Power, International Weichai” as its mission, takes “customers’ maximum satisfaction” as its aim, and has formed unique enterprise culture. Weichai’s strategy: The traditional business shall remain a world-class level by 2025, and the new energy business shall lead the development of the global industry by 2030. Achieve revenue of 100 billion US dollars by 2025, and revenue of 1 trillion RMB by 2030; The core business of each main segments shall enter the top three in the world. The Company shall rank among the top 150 of the world's top 500, and grow into a well-respected multinational group of intelligent industrial equipment.

Dr. Tong Dehui

Dr. Tong Dehui

Vice General Manager



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