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EAEC organisers plan major European automotive congress in Budapest

The Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineering (GTE) will host the 11th European Automotive Congress – EAEC 2007, in Budapest, Hungary from 30 May – 1 June 2007.

EAEC is one of Europe’s largest conferences on automotive technology. The event has never been hosted in Hungary before.

According to Congress Chairman, Dr. Andreas Voith, “GTE has a great tradition in organising technical congresses. Last year Hungary celebrated 100 years of national automobile production and has a strong automobile industry reaching from passenger cars, over commercial vehicle up to heavy vehicles and buses.”

Founded in 1949, GTE is the biggest society of automotive engineers in Hungary and a member of FISITA. The society has a reputation for organising the highly successful international “Meeting of Bus and Coach Experts”. The 38th event in this series will be combined with the EAEC 2007 programme.

GTE are inviting experts to submit abstracts for the congress on any of the following themes:

Powertrain Technology

  • Spark Ignition and Diesel Engines

  • Alternative Fuel Engines

  • Electric and Hybrid Systems

  • Transmission Systems

Vehicle Design and Manufacturing

  • Structures and Main Units like Body, Suspension,

  • Brake, On-board Electronics and others

  • Advanced Materials

  • Manufacturing Systems and Logistic

  • Supplier Industry

Commercial Vehicles and Buses

  • Safety & Comfort

  • Transport Logistics

  • Intelligent Vehicle and Traffic Control

  • Public & Freight Transport

  • Heavy Duty Vehicles up to 60 tons

Advanced Engineering Techniques and Tools

  • Computer Aided Engineering

  • Durability and Reliability

  • Simulation, Virtual Reality

  • Vehicle and Laboratory Test Procedures


  • Harmonisation in Europe and Worldwide

  • Homologation & Regulation

For more information on submitting an abstract and attending EAEC 2007, please see the conference website:


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