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FISITA consulting on Guide to Professional Conduct and seeking to fill Diversity and Inclusion Board

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

FISITA, the international membership organisation for the automotive and mobility systems engineering profession, today announced the consultation on the FISITA Engineers’ Guide to Professional Conduct and the intention to appoint a new non-Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion to the FISITA (UK) Ltd Board.

Download PDF • 6.69MB

The latest draft of the FISITA Engineers’ Guide to Professional Conduct has been shared with FISITA Society and Corporate Members in the last few weeks and FISITA is today sharing it with the broader community and inviting comment and suggestions. Input will be compiled in the second half of August with updated drafts circulated in the FISITA membership and a view to releasing the final version towards the end of this year.

The Guide includes sections on Professional Competence, Career Learning, Engineering Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion, and Communication. It has been written with the guiding principle that ‘Engineers apply their initiative with integrity’ and builds on the original vision of FISITA Founding President Maurice Norroy. The aim is to promote its adoption by engineers worldwide through the National Engineering Societies and companies that are FISITA members.

FISITA CEO Chris Mason has introduced the Guide in an open letter to the community: “I therefore refresh my determination to ensure diversity and inclusion are recognised within the FISITA community, by issuing the first international FISITA Guide to Professional Conduct, which following a membership consultation period, we will embed within our mission and encourage all FISITA members to support and positively position within their organisation and communities, as not only a guide to ethical and professional best practice, but also to explicitly state their intent to promote ‘diversity through inclusion’ within their organisations.”

Mason also announced FISITA’s intention to appoint a new board member in his letter: “I have also agreed with the Chair of the FISITA (UK) Ltd Board, to create a new non-executive director role to specifically focus and advise our organisation on diversity and inclusion.” The recruitment process is already shortlisting candidates and conducting initial interviews. The appointment is expected to be announced before the FISITA World Mobility Summit in October.


Since its founding in 1948, FISITA’s mission has been to deliver collaborative thought leadership and support to the world’s automotive and mobility systems engineers. During this time, the range of skills required of engineers has broadened significantly, but their goal to create safe, sustainable and affordable solutions that interact with people, and more recently, infrastructure has not changed.

FISITA is well placed to bring together engineers, industries and academia in a spirit of cooperation to share knowledge, progress thought leadership and advance the adoption of next-generation technology safely and ethically. To find out more, please visit and follow FISITA on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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